Tools to help you earn recurring revenue from your WordPress themes and plugins.


Our marketplace is a collection of instantly launchable WordPress websites.

Customers shopping in the wplauncher marketplace can instantly launch a fully hosted website, using their own domain, with all your themes and plugins already installed as well as any other settings you define such as menus, pages, posts, etc.

So, how do I earn recurring revenue?

You set your monthly profit, on top of our base cost, and earn recurring revenue from any WordPress site launched from the marketplace.

We view wplauncher as a utility and we've structured our base costs accordingly. Our base costs are low enough that you can make more recurring revenue from all your hard work and compete with the likes of Squarespace, GoDaddy, WPEngine, Wix, Weebly, and even


What platform are you built on?

The #1 Cloud Services platform in the world, AWS. If a wplauncher site is down, so is a good chunk of the internet.

Can customers use their own domain?

Yes they can! They can also buy a domain from us, or use one of our subdomains at

How do my Launch Button customers access their site?

When they launch a site using your Launch Button, they create an account with wplauncher. They can then manage their site's settings from wplauncher.

Can Launch Button customers access their WordPress site with SFTP?

Yes they can! In addition to having access to their WordPress site from their wplauncher account, they can also access their site's file directory via SFTP.

Is it hard to add an SSL certificate to launched sites?

As a matter of fact, it's effortless! Every site launched with a Launch Button includes a Free SSL certificate so customers can easily accept payments.

What happens if a customer accidently messes up their site?

Every site launched through wplauncher includes automatic daily offsite backups, which they can restore with the click of a button.

Launch Button.

The Launch Button is kinda like a PayPal button on steroids.

In addition to giving you the ability to collect recurring monthly or annual payments, it also gives you the ability to launch fully-hosted WordPress sites with all your themes and plugins already installed as well as any other settings you define such as menus, pages, posts, etc.

Our marketplace is actually a collection of Launch Buttons!

You can create as many Launch Buttons as you like. More importantly, you can easily share them anywhere and everywhere, not just in our marketplace.


Below is the monthly base cost for each server type we offer. You add your recurring monthly profit on top. ( Keep in mind, you don't actually pay us anything to create Launch Buttons, we just bill your Launch Button customers directly. Then, every month, we send you your profit. )

For example, the Nano server costs $10/mo.

Let's say you want customers to pay $20/mo to instantly launch a website with your theme(s) and plugin(s) installed on the Nano server.

You would simply set your recurring profit to $10/mo.




1 Core Processor

512 Memory


1 TB Transfer




1 Core Processor

1GB Memory


2 TB Transfer




1 Core Processor

2GB Memory


4 TB Transfer




2 Core Processor

4GB Memory


4 TB Transfer




2 Core Processor

8GB Memory


5 TB Transfer




4 Core Processor

16GB Memory


6 TB Transfer




8 Core Processor

32GB Memory


7 TB Transfer

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